Best of Both Worlds:  Combining a River Cruise and an Ancestry Vacation

If you’ve been dreaming of experiencing the wonders of a river cruise but you also want to discover your heritage through an ancestry vacation, you’re in luck—that’s one of the many options we offer our clients.  Maybe you’re wondering how we do that and what’s involved in a vacation with those options.

River Cruise

River Cruise Ship in Europe


River Cruises

You’ll be captivated with river cruise offerings when you glide by quaint towns, bustling cities and spectacular scenery.  Discover the grace and charm of a bygone era while relaxing on your ship.  Stroll through the historic city center imagining the history that took place here.

River cruise ships typically dock in the center of the city so you enjoy easy on-and-off access. Each cruise line offers guests an opportunity to experience included shore excursions by local tour guides, who are well educated regarding the area.  Many days include free times as well, so you can explore the region independently or join optional shore excursions.  Some cruise lines also provide bicycles for your use.


View of the Rhine River

Of course, what is a cruise without great food?  Many river cruise lines offer not only locally grown and produced foods, but also meals presented with local flare.  Wines and beers representing the country provide a great accompaniment to the locally themed cuisine served at dinner.  Breakfast and lunches offer a wide variety of choices in a buffet style dining environment.

Mein River in Germany

German Town on the riverfront


Because river cruise ships hold fewer passengers than ocean cruise ships, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other English-speaking people from around the globe.  Passengers often comment about making friends onboard who later became long distance friends!

Ancestry Vacation

Before or after your cruise you’ll have the opportunity to visit your ancestor’s village, town or country.  Your trip offers you the chance to see for yourself where your family presided.  Experience the area, discover the history, dine on the local specialties and immerse yourself in the culture.

Tour Guide

Our Tour Guides explained the importance each site


Ancestry trips can include private guides, local tours, quaint hotels, a visit to the archives, discovering the church where your relatives worshipped and much more.

So what do we do?

Together we embark on a discovery session where you tell us your trip goals, dreams and desires.  We take your ideas and weave them into an unforgettable journey for you.


First, did you know there are differences in the river cruise lines?  While they may look similar, their offerings vary greatly, from the amenities to the destinations to the ships.  Some cruises also offer theme cruises and cruises aimed at families that include activities for children.  We match up your preferences to those that best fit your vision.

Cohem, Germany

Visiting a Castle in Cohem, Germany

Second, we weave together a never-to-be-forgotten journey to your “roots” taking into consideration those items that are of the highest priority. Whether you chose to travel independently on your own or have a fully guided experience, we can make all your arrangements including lodging, transportation, tours, guides, translators and even genealogists.


Recreating the craft of chain making

You’ll experience the wonder of your ancestral homeland without spending hours upon hours of putting it all together yourself.    River cruising has become one of the most popular methods of traveling in Europe.  So if you have been thinking about taking a river cruise, now is the time to book for next year as cruises are filling and adding an ancestral tour takes some time to put together all the pieces. Call us today!