Quaint street in France, France

Quaint Street in France

Do your children get excited about all your genealogy research? Most genealogists tell me their children could care less about all their research and the many, many discoveries they have made about their family.  Some have spent years digging up facts, dates and information regarding their family ancestry. Yet, their children simply aren’t interested.

One of my friends has painstakingly chronicled her family and gathered information for over 40 years.  She belongs to the DAR and the Mayflower Society.  As an experienced researcher, she has assisted numerous others in discovering their connections with both organizations.  She’s collected a vast library of research materials, books and documents over time and even became a speaker on genealogy research.  Yet through all this, she has been unable to impart her love of genealogy and history to her two children.  Does this sound like you and your children?

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How can you turn that around?

Bring their genealogy to life with an ancestry vacation.

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Hungarian Dancers in Costume

We are so bombarded with facts and information in this digital age, we often turn a blind eye to more data.  If your research is mostly names, dates and places with little “meat” it may remind your family of a boring history lesson.  So, take them to their ancestral homeland where they can experience how their relatives lived first-hand.  Have them dive into the culture and history of their origins.  Engage their senses–present them with the sights, sounds, touch, taste and smells of the old country.

Discover Authentic Experiences

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Highland Games in Scotland

We will help you discover the experiences that will mimic those of your early relatives.  Depending on your interests, you could take a cooking class offering local delicacies of your heritage.  Or go on a tour with a local guide knowledgeable in the history of the region.  Or engage in an historic sport as either a spectator or willing participant.  Visit architectural splendors.  Compare and contrast your relative’s lives to yours. The list of possibilities is endless.  Many, many activities and attractions exist for your discovery and theirs. Our clients return home from their trips discussing that special feeling they had walking in their grandparents footsteps, listening to the sounds of the town and thinking about what life may have been like during the time their relatives lived there. 

Quaint street in France, France

Quaint Street in France

Your children will connect with their heritage like never before plus they’ll make unforgettable memories.  Like one of our clients–Mom, Dad and 3 teenagers–who wanted to tour Ireland and discover the music of their ancestors.  To enhance their trip even more, we suggested a castle stay at the end of the trip. When the castle came into view one of their daughters exclaimed, ” Mom, you’re the greatest!” She couldn’t wait to tell us how much fun and enjoyment they had during this heartfelt vacation.

We love to arrange ancestral tours–they are the most heart-warming trips we do. There’s nothing like seeing where your relatives lived, finding them listed on historical documents, tasting the cooking of your culture, appreciating their lives and so much more waiting for you to discover. Each trip is personalized for you so you can have the experience of a lifetime. Bring your stories to life in an ancestral trip! Call us today to begin planning the trip you will never forget.

Have you visited your ancestral homeland?  Tell us about it in the comments below.