Welcome to Encore Journeys where we create distinctive European vacations for the discerning traveler. Exclusively designed, customized itineraries are built for those people who are looking for something beyond the ordinary.

An unforgettable vacation that immerses you in European cultural, historical, culinary and ancestral experiences is yours to discover. At Encore Journeys, we help travelers break out of their everyday routine and indulge in the distinctive flavors of each European country, while weaving in unique and unforgettable experiences.  Our journeys help you dig a little deeper so you can have authentic European encounters with each destination. 

We carefully select superior suppliers who offer awe-inspiring experiences. Our amazing partnerships allow us to provide exclusive and unique experiences, not readily available to the average traveler. 

We pull out all the stops to delight travelers with journeys that go beyond their imagination and create unforgettable moments. 


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Unique Experiences

Discover Europe as never before with a journey that creates authentic encounters.  If you ever wanted to explore a country’s culture, visit their wineries, learn more about its history, dine on local cuisine or indulge in a truly unique experience, Encore Journeys can make that happen with a trip that incorporates your wishes.  Read more about our unparalleled offerings and how we create a vacation experience that goes beyond the ordinary by clicking here.



Medieval bridge over canal in Bruges, Belgium

Ancestral Travel

Bring your own history alive in a never-to-be-forgotten journey to your ancestral roots in Europe.    Whether you want to reconnect with your heritage, spend some time doing research, visit your ancestral hometown, meet new relatives or leave a lasting legacy for your heirs, we’ll create a customized trip that will exceed your expectations.  Read more about walking in your grandparents’ footsteps and discovering your ancestral roots by clicking here.


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Group Travel

Our customized group travel lets you delve into the experiences you desire on your own time table when we customize a trip for your group or family reunion.  After listening to your needs, we put together a program based on your wants and add in the special experiences your family or group will love to discover. Read more about planning a group trip by clicking here.




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Traveling the Waterways

The ease and accessibility to European cities makes river cruising a popular option for travelers.  For those looking for more intimate experiences, river barges offer waterways less traveled.  With so many options available, we’ll help you choose the right cruise, itinerary and experiences that align with your needs.  Discover more about the waterways here.



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