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Ancestral Travel

Olga and I would like to thank you for all of your help and guidance in planning our exciting 18-day genealogy trip to Germany. We were able to find and visit the villages, homes, churches and grave locations of eight of our 16 great-grandparents. Your combined local and on-site genealogy guides, with our trip starting in Wiesbaden and ending by the North Sear were wonderful! Our “new” cousins greeted us with hugs and kisses, family gifts and warm hospitality.

You helped us to make such a major “jump” forward in our multi-family finds! We are most appreciative of you and feel we now have also gained a new and close friend!

Olga and Bruce Hauzzer

Bring your own history alive in a never-to-be-forgotten journey of your past with a trip to learn more about your ancestral “roots.”   If you’ve always dreamed of connecting with your family’s bygone generation, a vacation trip to discover your ancestry is calling you.  

Maybe older relatives revealed the village from where they came. Or perhaps you’ve discovered your family’s country by uncovering the secrets of your DNA. Then again, you may have researched your family genealogy and are now ready to discover your homeland up close and in person. So just imagine how you’ll feel strolling down a picturesque cobblestone street, following in the footsteps of your ancestors.  Get a nostalgic glimpse of what life might have been like for those before you as you discover hidden secrets of your family’s past. 

Savor the many flavors of the cuisine of your heritage or take a cooking class so you can recreate a treasured dish at home.  Join in the fun–participate in the many festivals and reenactments of historical events that occurred throughout history. Delight in local folk dancing with steps coordinated to regional music. Visit local ethnographic museums devoted to recreating life from earlier times. Discover museums dedicated to emigration travel and perhaps find your relatives in their records. 

Get up close and personal with your “roots.” Visit the church where your grandparents married. Work with local guides and interpreters to remove the barriers of language differences.  Imagine feeling overjoyed at meeting a lost relative for the first time and sharing mutual information.  Create connections that will not only last your lifetime but can be passed down to your descendants as well. You’ve been asking questions, now it’s time to discover some answers.