Cultural & Historical



Embark on a journey where you can embrace the cultural uniqueness of each destination. Develop an understanding of the artwork, music, literature, architecture, customs and people of the region.

Take a relaxing walk through Monet’s gardens where inspiration led to artistic masterpieces. Feast your eyes on the enormous art collection in the Hermitage, former palace to Peter the Great.

Immerse yourself in the music of Mozart when you enjoy an evening concert at the Viennese Opera House. Retrace the Beatle’s steps in London and Liverpool and relive an era that changed the world.

Fall in love with Highclere Castle, home of the PBSshow Downton Abbey or get inspired by the many buildings that created the background for the Harry Potter books and movies.

Your trip to a German Christmas market will bring back childhood memories and allow you to indulge your senses as you discover new smells, tastes and Christmas offerings.



Every region displays an historical footprint allowing you to discover the evolution of a country and its people through an authentic journey.  Prepare to be fascinated as you explore these regions with the assistance of our hand-picked local guides who specialize in the history of the area. From the days of the early Romans to the rule of monarchs to the effects of communism, all have left their impact on the people and the territories they touched.

Visit Waterloo, Belgium and see where Napoleon lost his most famous battle. Tour Napoleon’s and Wellington’s headquarters along with the museum, which traces this 200 year-old battle.

Feel the energy of Stonehenge while you marvel at its structure and ponder its creators.  Be awe struck by the multitude of cathedrals that are works of art and architectural achievements, scattered throughout Europe.

Revel in the architectural marvel we call the Colosseum, with a private tour, where generations of Romans watched games of great popular appeal.

Discover the awe of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria as you stroll around and come across hidden passages and distinctive rooms, while learning the fascinating story of Ludwig II.  Or imagine yourself exploring the ship yard where the Titanic was built and first launched.