Culinary, Wine & Spirits


There’s nothing like the authentic flavors of local cooking to connect you with a country’s culture and history. Whether you long to sample local cuisine, experience a cooking class, engage in culinary travel, or discover the regional wines of Europe your desires can be carefully woven into your dream trip.

Italian Food, Food Tours, Italy, Picture yourself feasting on Boeuf Bourguignon at a quiet café in Paris. Or enjoying an afternoon treat of gelato while you stroll through Venice. Perhaps sampling the many types of Polish kielbasa in a centuries old restaurant excites you! Then, of course, there’s always high tea at a remarkable location in England, consisting of finger sandwiches and pastries that will delight you.

Experience first-hand the techniques, recipes and tastes of the very area you are visiting with culinary classes. Or enjoy a trip focused on culinary travel where every food encounter has been carefully planned.


Wine Tours, Wine and Food Tours, European wine, European Food ToursVineyards are scattered through Europe and afford you the opportunity to sample local wines often paired with locally produced food. Wine tours and tastings are readily available for the discriminating wine lover. Beer aficionados will enjoy locally produced beers, ales and stouts and the emergence of micro-breweries. Whiskey and scotch tours in the United Kingdom allow visitors to compare flavors from some of the best distilleries in the world.



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