What better way to celebrate a special occasion than visiting a country you’ve always held in your dreams? Europe offers a multitude of experiences for your birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation or other milestones in your life. Let us assist you in making your celebration extra special with those extra touches including experiences only available with insider connections.

Picture yourself and your companion enjoying a private picnic lunch in the middle of a French vineyard with the owner of the winery. Imagine discovering the enchanting town of Bruges that dates back to medieval times or indulging in a private tour of the Hermitage, former palace of Peter the Great.

Lisa and Thomas Breuer

Treat yourself to a golf outing at the many courses throughout Europe or even the Old Course at St. Andrews. Enjoy the breath-taking views from the Eiffel Tower as the sun sets over Paris, the City of Lights.

Feel the rush of wind in your hair as you take a hydrofoil along the Amalfi Coast or lazily glide by in your own arranged private yacht. Enjoy a glass of French wine in Lyon as you stop by a local café to taste their gastric delights. Make your celebration as unique as you by creating experiences that will stay in your memories forever.

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