Luxury River Barges

Luxury River Barges
Enjoy intimate experiences on a luxury river barge.

Luxury river barges experiences may be just what you are seeking if you like to get off the beaten path, but still enjoy a relaxing cruise. Seeing memorable sites and visiting unforgettable locations is part of the experience. 

Luxury River Barges
Cozy lounges allow you to fully enjoy your cruise.

Luxury river barges navigate the smaller waterways of Europe and offer an even more intimate experience. These barges generally accommodate from 4 to 20 passengers and since they have a shallower hull, they can go into rivers and canals not accessible to other river cruise lines. Gather your family and charter an entire barge or join other travelers in an inspiring experience.

View the countryside, explore small towns and connect with locals along the way. Feast on local gourmet cuisine lovingly prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Accompany your meal with carefully selected wine from the region you are visiting.

Explore enchanting castles, chateaux, vineyards, gardens, local markets, historical sites and much more with included shore excursions. Your slow paced journey will immerse you into the local culture like no other river experience.

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