About Carole

Car08-10-11 GIFTE 063 Shaffer cropped 2ole’s love of European travel began many years ago with her first trip to several countries along the Baltic Sea. She was enthralled with the culture, landscape, food, music, palaces, museums, churches, history, castles, cities and the Europeans themselves. She had always felt a connection to that continent since all her family originated from European countries, some a long time ago and others more recently. She found it amazing to see how the countries had developed over centuries. To learn about the history of an area or city center made her think about the people who had lived there over time and contemplate what their lives may have been like. That trip opened her eyes to new experiences and old cultures and touched her heart.

Since that first trip, she has returned to Europe many times to embrace the culture, make new discoveries and meet the people. Because of those travels Carole realized she wanted to help others have the same kind of expeAbout Caroleriences and opportunities to make authentic connections. Europe has a lot to offer and you may like the thrill of adventure, the exploration of history, the quietude of a country scene, the relaxation of a beautiful beach or the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city. Whatever your preferences, we’ll help you to discover Europe with new experiences, even if you’ve been there before!

After a successful career in HR, Carole turned to her first love—travel.  She obtained the industry recognized certification of Certified Travel Associate from The Travel Institute.